Employment Law

Employee Claims. At any given time we defend a large number of employers against discrimination charges, and claims involving compensation, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination.

Discrimination Charges. At any given time we defend a large number of employers against age, sex, race, and disability discrimination charges. Last year in a jury trial we successfully defended a claim of sexual harassment claim against a supervisor and against the employer on claims it "looked the other way."

Employment Agreements. On a frequent basis we draft and negotiate employment agreements for use with senior executives of large regional and national employers, both in the commercial and the non-profit sectors.

Non-Competition Agreements. WWe draft non-competition and trade-secret protection agreements for use on a countrywide basis for regional and national employers.

Reductions-in-Force. We regularly advise on reductions-in-force and corporate restructuring, with special attention to the WARN Act issues arising from large terminations of employment. We also draft the severance plans, releases, and related documentation necessary for effective reductions-in-force.


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