Administrative Law

Regulations. We represented the Maryland land surveying industry and others in a successful court challenge to minimum surveying standards regulations that were deemed unacceptable, and negotiated an acceptable alternative. Later, we represented segments of the industry in a successful lobbying effort to improve amendments to the regulations.

Agency Relations. We successfully litigated rollbacks of federal administrative interpretations that would have cost home health agency clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Licensure and Employment. We have often prevailed over government regulators in the defense of professional licenses of physicians, insurance agents, surveyors, nurses, and home security technicians in disciplinary proceedings. We have also frequently successfully represented government employees in personnel matters.

Community Associations. We advise and represent community associations in internal matters and in dealings with government agencies.

Business Licensing. We assist individuals and corporations in navigating state and local licensing and permitting processes.

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing. We represent restaurants, package goods stores, hotels and manufacturers in the acquisition of alcoholic beverage licenses. We provide defensive representation for violations.

Land Use and Zoning. We advise landowners and neighbors in land use and zoning processes, from initial applications to civil litigation. Representative matters include applications for special exceptions/variances and re-zoning appeals.


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