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Gohn Hankey & Berlage is a Maryland-based law firm with offices in Baltimore and Annapolis. We specialize in business law and commercial litigation, covering matters that include complex business and real estate transactions, bankruptcy, employment law, and intellectual property disputes. Established in 1997, our attorneys have been dedicated to providing our clients with first-rate legal services for over two decades. We are a multidisciplinary legal practice comprised of attorneys who have built their careers on the foundations that the client comes first, and that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Our approach may appear traditional, but it inspires us to be innovative and original in the pursuit of obtaining the best results possible for our clients.

At Gohn Hankey & Berlage, we approach each case with three paramount goals. First, we are committed to providing high-quality legal services. Second, we endeavor to provide our services as efficiently as possible. And finally—but certainly not least—we strive to attain results that promote and support a lasting professional relationship with you.

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With elite law school educations and extensive experience, our attorneys bring quality legal services at competitive, cost-effective rates.

Our attorneys represent a broad array of clients from individuals and small businesses to large national clients. Our litigation team has experience in several states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We also advise and serve as local counsel for non-Maryland counsel in matters involving Maryland law or which are pending before Maryland courts. Our litigators are practiced in both trial advocacy and appeals.


The firm has been recognized by, among others, Fortune Magazine® as a “Go-To” law firm for over five years straight, Corporate-INTL Magazine as the top Commercial Dispute Resolution law firm in Maryland and the top Bankruptcy and Intellectual Property law firm in Maryland, and Corporate LiveWire as the Corporate Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year in Maryland.

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